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Dr. Benishek Supports National Effort to "Stop the Tax Hike"

Location: Marquette, MI

Dr. Dan Benishek (MI-01) today hosted a roundtable meeting with local business leaders at the Marquette City Hall as part a national effort by House Republicans known as "Stop the Tax Hike" day to discuss tax reform and ways federal policy can improve job growth.

"I've spent the last several months visiting Northern Michigan businesses. This has been a great way to learn how federal policy can help them grow and, frankly, hire more workers. I hear time and again that Congress needs to focus on providing a stable tax environment for our small businesses and Michigan's families. This means a tax code that everyone can count on, that is simpler to understand, and doesn't go up from year to year," said Dr. Benishek, a doctor who ran his own medical practice in Iron Mountain for 28 years.

Dr. Benishek hosted today's meeting in Marquette as a way to learn more about the specific challenges local business owners face with the economic uncertainty coming from Washington and President Barack Obama's proposal to raise tax rates imposed on job creators. A recent Ernst & Young study warned that President Obama's tax plan will result in as many as 710,000 job losses in the United States, and 21,300 jobs losses in the State of Michigan.

"If President Obama's tax plan goes into effect, I fear Northern Michiganders will lose their jobs. Our families and businesses simply cannot afford this kind of tax hike. I want to see tax reform that makes our federal tax code flatter and simpler for everyone. I am committed to providing this type of tax reform to Northern Michiganders," added Dr. Benishek.

Just this week, Dr. Benishek joined over 30 other freshman Members of Congress who signed a letter addressed to the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives encouraging comprehensive federal tax reform to provide economic certainty to families and businesses.

"Job creation in Northern Michigan remains my number one priority. Like many in our area, I'm concerned that unless we grow the economy, our children and grandchildren will not have the same shot at the American Dream that we had. My goal is to support policies that will fix our broken tax code and allow our small businesses to grow and hire more employees," said Dr. Benishek.

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