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Issue Position: Candidate Differences

Issue Position

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What are the differences between you and your competitors? Why is important to support you now?

The notable differences between me and my opponents are:

1. My competitors have NOT held elected office nor have had to actually put their philosophies and theories to work under the pressure of political scrutiny. I have had to cast vision, seek consensus, advocate for my community, work with legislative bodies, manage city staff and resources, balance economic concerns with compliance requirements and provide for public safety, while living in a glass house.

2. Unlike my opponents, I have articulated a comprehensive strategy for the building of the Alaska economy and have often been published in newspapers around the State, and presenting before various groups, articulating various features of that strategy.

3. Unlike my opponents, my ideas have been vetted and tested in the public fire and I have demonstrated an ability to hold the line when appropriate yet able to alter my views when I've been wrong or when there's been a better way.

District 1 is a strongly conservative district and usually whoever wins the primary will win the general election. This year, there are four conservative candidates. All four candidates are nice people but there is one who has proven to cast vision, weather the storms of opposition, and advance the welfare of his community. That's me.

All of the candidates may sound similar. All promise to work toward one goal or the other. One candidate said on the radio that they had solutions to the energy crisis but didn't want to share them because the competition might be taking notes and copy the idea. I say, "Let the ideas flow!" Only when others take ownership will we together, united, solve the complex issues facing us as residents and as citizens of this great State.

Alaska and District 1 needs a proven, effective, knowledgable, passionate leader who will not be satisfied with the status quo and will not be afraid to stand up for our community, putting the people of District 1 first. I AM THAT CANDIDATE.

I am Doug Isaacson and I am asking for your support now and for your vote on August 28.

Thank you.

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