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Issue Position: High Cost of Energy

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

What is my potential solution to high cost of Energy?: I have long advocated to elected officials, to groups and in opinion pieces published across the state that the Interior and Rural Alaskan Energy Crisis may be quickly quenched, even BEFORE this winter--without expensive infrastructure, expensive switch-overs, or expensive one-time taxable benefits to residents The State owns Royalty Oil, 12.5% of everything going through TAPS. Selling royalty oil at a discount to participating refineries (any of the four in Alaska) and ensuring the discount is carried to the consumer can within 30 days reduce our costs in half. Besides North Pole and Fairbanks, there are 185 rural communities across Alaska that depend upon oil to heat their buildings and to produce electricity. By reducing the price before it reaches the consumer, businesses and residents receive the benefit, it stabilizes the regions' economy, makes us more attractive to further investments, it gives people hope and greater disposable income. Importantly, it reduces the State budget which currently spends almost $3 billion for the social safety net out of $8 billion expected revenues. Instead of declaring this unconstitutional, the Governor should review AS 38.05 and 38.06 and convene a high level summit to work out the details and get this done.

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