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Issue Position: Protecting our Community

Issue Position

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Clean Energy

As an appointed official of the Department of Energy under President Obama, Joe provided strong leadership in providing Florida's families with alternative sources of energy that create jobs here in South Florida and make our country less dependent on foreign oil. At the Energy Department, Joe led the effort to fund and secure new energy sources from wind and sun power that are clean and don't damage our soil or affect our drinking water.

Progressive environmental policies positivelyimpact all aspects of our community. They strengthen the economy, help us modernize our community and our nation, and protect Florida's fragile ecosystems which are also large drivers of tourism. Good environmental policy creates new jobs in new industries, such as green technology, which is crucial as we move away from the use of oil and expensive, limited fossil fuel resources.

No to Offshore Drilling

Joe opposes drilling off our beautiful coastlines and endangering sea life, habitats, and putting at economic risk the communities whose economies depend on and benefit from pristine beaches and tourism. The Keys are especially dependent on the fishing and tourism industries, and must be protected from corporate interests that wish to drill just miles offshore.

We have seen what can happen as the result of a massive oil spill in the Gulf, the consequences of which are still affecting hotels, restaurant owners, and workers along the Panhandle. We should learn from that by regulating deep-oil drilling and ensuring the safety of workers and the machinery being used so that such a spill will never happen again.

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