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WAY BACK WHEN, when I was a member of the communist party I and bunches of others were brought before the House Un-American Activities Committee not to discuss the pros and cons of communism or socialism but looking for snitches. I propose such a committee be re-created to bring before it corporations like General Electric for their Un-American activity of exporting at least 60 percent of their manufacturing and find out just how many factories did they close, what products did they make, how many loyal workers did they lay off and how much tax deductions did they take for the cost of moving? In fact all outsourcing corporations should be asked the same questions and the figures totaled up as a right for the American people to know before the global economy was invented. Along the way we had FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS like NAFTA, GATT and other smaller and individual ones. However as factory after factory shut down and so as not to alarm the public the propaganda machine put out articles by economists and just plain writers that a servicing economy is natural after being top dog on manufacturing, it was fighting inflation and it was a new global economy. Then there was articles that Americans were the best, most productive workers in the world. Then Americans didn't want to work in factories, it was beneath them and those that objected were labeled short sighted PROTECTIONISTS. Meanwhile as our shelves filled with MADE IN CHINA AND A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER PLACES and servicing jobs like phone answering were also going foreign and our tax base shriveled plus we were getting into multiple expensive wars so we quietly began borrowing money from communist china bringing us to our current situation, deeply in debit and lack of jobs saddled with wars we are afraid of losing. The proposal to lower taxes, reduce government spending to balance the budgets in cities, states and federal I guess means cutting social services, laying off civil servants' and borrowing more from communist China?

A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. To make the job creators richer they will move manufacturing from the USA to communist china and anywhere else where the costs are cheaper. However it is costly to build new factories, move machinery and train new workers speaking different languages. To help outsourcing Congress passed a law that allows tax deductions for some of the expenses of moving. To get the job creators like G.E. to move their manufacturing back is no cheap, easy task. Those countries and workers are not going to like it. About May 9, 2012 Sen. Debbie Stabenow (Dem-Mich) S.2884 and Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr (Dem-N.J.) H.R.5542 have introduced the "Bring Jobs Home Act" that would eliminate tax deductions for overseas moving expenses and provide a 20 percent tax credit to companies that move jobs back. The bill is scheduled to be voted on the week of July 16th. What took so long to introduce the bill and why isn't it a bigger election issue?

MADE IN CHINA is mutually beneficial to Communist China and American Capitalists but not to Main Street America with closed factories, shrunked tax base and borrowing money from communist China. This profit motivated greedy process continues.

BOTTOM LINE - Socialist economies requires that the people have enough money to move the goods and services off the shelves, somewhat similar to stimulus programs.

I PROPOSE THAT JOBS BE DECLARED NATIONAL TREASURES and outsourcing un-American activity and illegal. So should American firms registering their headquarters in the Cayman Islands and other off shore countries and whatever other unscrupulous loop holes that make the filthy rich, richer. This is not capitalism, this is suicidism.

SOLUTIONS -- PROTECTIONISM - Publicize and shame the un-American outsourcing firms, tax their imported products and their profits. Level the playing fields by forcing China to put their factories here on a joint venture basis like they make us do when we want to sell there. Balance trade imbalances by taxing the excess, eliminate unfair loop holes like firms registering off shore, do what we can to force the job creators do their creating here in the USA.

WHICH IS BETTER, a congress filled with members who allowed our shelves to be loaded with made in communist china and anywhere else that is cheaper and rust belted our own factories, shrunk our tax base and then borrowed money from communist china to pay our bills and now first wakes up to the damage they caused OR a patriotic, protectionist socialist who wrote Letters to the Editor To Ship Goods, Not Factories way back when rust belting began?

IF SOCIALISM IS SUCH A TERRIBLE SYSTEM why are so many products with American names made in communist china and so few here and why do we borrow so much money from them and why are they so powerful and still growing on the world stage even in space exploration? Do you fall for the childish crap that under socialism everyone gets the same pay, no incentive for innovation, share your wealth, etc., etc.?

JOB CREATORS SOLD ROPE TO THE HANGMAN, remember IBM and MOTOROLA selling their computer patents to communist China? What happened to their engineers that invented the patents, downsizing pink slips?

If elected, District 25 should become famous as sending I believe the first socialist to congress out of 435 members.

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