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WBGO - Christie Signs Solar Bill

News Article

Location: Unknown

By Phil Gregory

Governor Christie has signed legislation to encourage continued growth of New Jersey's solar energy industry.

The measure increases the amount of solar-generated electricity the Garden State's utilities are required to purchase.

Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula is one of the primary sponsors of the legislation. He says it will stabilize the price of solar renewable energy credits which have been falling as more solar projects get built.

"There are lots of jobs that are being created because of the solar industry and having a stable price will make it easier for people to obtain the financing. When you have the financing they'll be able to build the projects thereby creating the jobs."

Except for California, New Jersey has built the most solar projects in the last few years.

Environmental groups say the state's solar industry could have collapsed without the new law.

Some utilities are upset that they will have to buy more solar credits.

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