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The lack of good, full-time jobs in America is especially relevant in southern NM
where so many who want to work are out of work or struggling at one, two, even
three part-time jobs with no benefits or overtime said Democratic candidate for
Congress Evelyn Madrid Erhard this week. Too many jobs have been allowed to
go overseas, to the detriment of the American worker and economy, she said. This
is the primary reason that Evelyn Madrid Erhard is determined to represent New
Mexico in Congress. "The lack of Republican support for American workers is
appalling. They have encouraged corporations to create millions of jobs overseas
for the sake of profits. Their hostility toward the working-class backbone of this
country will cost them another election" Madrid Erhard said.

Madrid Erhard recently spoke this month in Albuquerque at the Convention of New
Mexico Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO who has endorsed her candidacy for Congress.
NM is home to over 83,000 working union members. Her message of good jobs with
benefits and the opportunity to buy a home for all Americans is what her campaign
and, if elected, her representation is all about. Unionized labor is under attack.
Recent events in Wisconsin against collective bargaining have brought home just
how much Republicans are anti-labor, anti-worker. America's middle-class has
taken a backseat to corporate profits and outrageous C.E.O. bonuses.

More recently, Evelyn spoke with the International Association of Machinists and
Aerospace Workers in Alamogordo, relaying the message "I stand by you! You are
the ones who have worked hard to set the standards for safety, wages, and benefits
for all of us who do not have a union to protect our jobs. You have fought to level the
playing field for workers with sweat, tears, tenacity and sometimes blood. You are
my heroes." She alluded to the tragedy of the women workers who lost their lives in
the sweatshop conditions of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire of 1911 after their
long fight for safety, dignity and fair wages. She remembered our own NM mining
community of Santa Rita where men, along with their wives and families, fought for
better working and living conditions, as seen in the movie "The Salt of the Earth".

Madrid Erhard has also received the endorsement of the National Education
Association, the largest labor union in America.
She has vowed to change the laws that allow corporations to keep employees
at part-time so as not to pay any benefits. She will also fight for legislation that
encourages companies to hire American workers, bringing jobs back from third
world countries.

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