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The Obama-Owens Jobs Plan: 'You Didn't Build That'


Location: Plattsburgh, NY

President Obama's embrace of big government and contempt for free enterprise demonstrates how he doesn't understand the fundamentals of what makes a vibrant economy, congressional candidate Matt Doheny said.

"President Obama gave his bloated bureaucracy far too much credit when he suggested this week that "if you've got a business, you didn't build that,'" said Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate. "My Democratic opponent, meanwhile, recently defended his lousy record by bemoaning the loss of public sector jobs. He said nothing of jobs losses under his watch in the private sector, leading me to believe he agrees with the president that "the private sector is doing fine.' So, does Bill Owens also stand with the president in believing that our federal government is best equipped to create jobs?"

"Let me say it again: This election is about two different directions for America. I believe in the fairness of opportunity. People succeed because they're smart and they work hard. We need to remove the roadblocks that keep those smart, hard-working people from being successful -- like our federal government's excessive regulation and taxation policies.

"Our current congressman advocates for fairness of outcomes. He sees government as no different from venture capitalism -- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose $535 million in taxpayer money on a solar company that was spending too much to produce product that was not in demand.

"When it comes to job creation, I put my faith in the successful business owner. He or she knows best when to take risk, spend capital and try to create jobs. Bill Owens put his faith in government. My opponent supported the president's stimulus package -- and we're still suffering through the worst recovery from a recession since World War II."

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