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The Owens Jobs Record: 5,300 More People Who Can't Find Work

Press Release

Location: Watertown, NY

Democrat Bill Owens considers "job creation and economic recovery" to be his top priorities. So why are there more than 5,300 district residents who can't find jobs since he took over?

"My opponent bragged about allegedly attracting 2,000 jobs to the district over a 25-year private sector career," said Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties' candidate in the 21st Congressional District. "Unfortunately, he's managed to wipe out those gains -- and many more -- in a two year public career."

Owens represents 11 counties in Congress; each have seen their unemployment rate increase between 0.3 and 1.3 points since last June, according to recently released figures. In this past year, there are 3,200 more people in his district looking for work -- and unable to find it. Since November 2009 -- the congressman's first month in office -- there are approximately 5,360 people who can't find a job.

"My opponent is trying to run away from his record by blaming unemployment on public sector job losses," said Doheny. "But we've also lost almost 1,600 private sector jobs. Is this our congressman's definition of "doing fine?' It's surely not mine."

Doheny concluded: "I'm a businessman who successfully turned around troubled companies, helping to save tens of thousands of jobs. I understand the fundamentals of economic growth. My opponent's push for higher taxes and more government spending is hurting job creation. He's already signaled his intention to continue raising taxes if he's re-elected. If we care about jobs here, we can't let that happen."

The Owens Job Record, 2009-2012:
· Clinton County: 3,490 in November 2009; 4,000 in June 2012.
· Essex County: 1,628 in November 2009; 1,700 in June 2012.
· Franklin County: 1,901 in November 2009; 2,200 in June 2012.
· Fulton County: 2,627 in November 2009; 3,000 in June 2012.
· Hamilton County: 2,630 in November 2009; 2,000 in June 2012.
· Jefferson County: 4,385 in November 2009; 4,800 in June 2012.
· Lewis County: 1,016 in November 2009; 1,200 in June 2012.
· Madison County: 2,747 in November 2009; 3,200 in June 2012.
· Oneida County: 7,954 in November 2009; 9,700 in June 2012.
· Oswego County: 5,665 in November 2009; 6,400 in June 2012.
· St. Lawrence County: 4,661 in November 2009; 5,300 in June 2012.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; New York State Department of Labor.

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