Dewhurst for Texas Announces New TV Ad, "Businessman"

Press Release

By:  David Dewhurst
Date: July 23, 2012
Location: Unknown

Dewhurst for Texas announced today the launch of a new 30-second television ad, "Businessman." The ad features Dewhurst saying President Obama doesn't understand business and "the potential of the private sector." The ad also highlights how Dewhurst used his experience in the private sector to reduce spending, cut taxes, and balance budgets in Austin. The ad closes with Dewhurst saying he wants to take the same record to turn Washington, and our country, around.

"In the race for U.S. Senate, there is a clear difference in the records of both candidates," said Dewhurst Advisor Mark Miner. "David Dewhurst is a lifelong businessman with a proven record of cutting taxes and balancing budgets, while his opponent's record as a lawyer consists of putting profit over principle. Unlike Ted Cruz, David Dewhurst has always put the interest of Texans first. As the next U.S. Senator from Texas, David Dewhurst will never waver in his commitment to Texas, and he will fight to bring the success model he helped create in the Lone Star State to Washington to turn our country around."

The ad will air in markets across Texas.

Script -- "Businessman":

David Dewhurst: I don't think President Obama understands business.

I don't think he understands the potential of the private sector.

Announcer: But David Dewhurst does.

Dewhurst is a lifelong businessman. That's why Dewhurst cut spending in Austin by billions.

Dewhurst cut taxes fifty-one times. Now he's pushing to balance the federal budget and repeal Obamacare.

Dewhurst: I'm gonna take that to Washington, and we're gonna turn this country around.

I'm David Dewhurst and I approve this message.

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