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Aurora, Colorado


Location: Unknown

Thursday night I went to the United Artists Movie Theatre to purchase three tickets for the Dark Knight Rises. I typically never get tickets for a movie on an opening weekend, but my two sons and I were really anticipating this new release.

We left the theatre, dodging in and out of the swarms of people waiting to see the midnight show. It was playing in 8 theatres that night.

We left around 11 and returned home a short while after. My children and I fell asleep within the next few hours. No one could have predicted the tragedy that was about to occur nearly 2,000 miles away.

A deranged man by the name of James Holmes strolled into a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, and opened fire on a spirited crowd of Batman fans with an AR-15 assault rifle. Twelve lives were lost. Fifty-eight people were injured. Countless hearts were broken.

It is times like these that make me sit back and wonder about peoples' lives: the paths they take, the decisions they make, and how and why they get to certain points in their lives. Reflecting upon the life of James Holmes, I can safely say that he made some wrong choices and trod down some wrong paths.

So as a country we mourn for all those affected by this calamity. We realize that this same thing could happen to us, that one minute we could be enjoying a movie, and the next we could be scrambling for our lives. We don't want to believe that this could happen here, but who's to say it can't?

We live in scary times. It seems every form of entertainment these days revolves around guns, violence, and death. Is our civilization becoming that barbaric?

I can assure you that as a congressman representing the counties of Kings and Queens in the great city of New York, I will make it a top priority to ban assault weapons in our Country. There is no place for them if they cannot be trusted in the hands of our citizens.

Perhaps this may touch the hearts of the victims' families and friends; maybe it will mean nothing to them. But either way, we can take measures to ensure that something of this grotesque nature will never happen again

God Bless those families and friends of the deceased and the injured, and God Bless the United States of America.

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