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Becker: McCarthy Needs to Explain Her Vote

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After almost a week, 16-year Incumbent Carolyn McCarthy eerily silent on vote to uphold ObamaCare, New taxes on Long Islanders
Nassau County Legislator Fran Becker (R-Lynbrook), the Republican candidate for Congress in New York's Fourth Congressional District continued to hammer away at entrenched 16-year incumbent Representative Carolyn McCarthy for failing to discuss or even comment on her vote in favor of upholding President Barack Obama's controversial ObamaCare program a week ago today. (Source: Roll Call Vote #460 on HR 6079; July 11, 2012)

McCarthy's vote also kept in place the plan to cut $500 billion from Medicare and gut the Medicare Advantage Program that thousands of seniors across Nassau County and Long Island -- and in the Fourth Congressional District -- rely upon. (Source: The Washington Post, FactChecker: "Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare," June 29, 2012)

Now almost a week after casting this crucial vote against the interests of the working families and seniors of the Fourth Congressional District, McCarthy has been quieter than a church-mouse. McCarthy's Campaign Facebook page has not been updated to explain her continued support of ObamaCare -- what the Supreme Court equated to a tax on the American people. Neither has her government or campaign webpages. Representative Carolyn McCarthy also has not made comment to any mainstream media in her Congressional District concerning her vote. All of these actions are unusual for a longtime Member of Congress.

"Has anyone seen Carolyn McCarthy?" asked a perplexed Becker. "It's highly unusual for a Member of Congress to cast a controversial vote and not give both the seniors and working families of their district an explanation -- especially when it's going to raise taxes. What's Carolyn trying to hide?" Becker asked.

One explanation of McCarthy's lack of a response could be she is preparing for her politically-motivated congressional "jobs fair" later this week in which only a paltry 20 employers have so far agreed to screen applicants seeking employment. Long Island's unemployment rate continues to stand high and stagnant -- at 7.4 percent. (Source: Newsday. "LI jobless rate climbs to 7.4%." June 19, 2012).

"Carolyn McCarthy's hypocracy is amazing," said Becker campaign spokesman Joe LoPresti. "On one hand she votes to kill thousands of jobs and charge a tax on folks -- to use what the Supreme Court termed it -- with ObamaCare. And now she's feigning interest in finding people jobs? It's astonishing how arrogant and out-of-touch Carolyn McCarthy really is. She needs to explain her vote on ObamaCare and tell her neighbors and constituents what she's doing to get our sinking economy back on track," said LoPresti.

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