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Becker Rips Obama Administration on Israel; Demands to Know Why Carolyn McCarthy Is Again "Missing in Action' When it Comes to Our Greatest Mideast Ally

Press Release

Location: Unknown

At yesterday's Press Briefing held in the White House Briefing Room, Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked "what city does [the Obama] Administration consider to be the capital of Israel….Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?" (Source: White House Press Briefing Transcript. 7/26/12

Carney did not answer the question posed by a reporter and again by Lester Kinsolving of World Net Daily. The Obama Administration did not answer what the capital of Israel was, choosing to ignore the question and then move on. (Source: White House Press Briefing Transcript. 7/26/12

The Obama Administration later posted a clarification on the official transcript, attempting to backtrack from the Press Secretary's earlier comments. (Source: White House Press Briefing Transcript. 7/26/12

Legislator Fran Becker (R-Lynbrook), Republican candidate for Congress in New York's Fourth Congressional District, stood up and defended America's staunchest ally in the Middle East, saying:

"Not recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's sovereign and eternal capital is another slap in the face to America's closest ally in the Middle East. I'm speechless. How can the White House adopt the same policy as some of the Jewish State's staunchest enemies? This is a shocking display of cowardice and a stunning disregard for historical fact."

"Almost more insulting is Carolyn McCarthy's cavalier attitude towards this diplomatic slap in the face. Another broadside against Israel and she says nothing. How can we take Carolyn for her word that she supports Israel when she demonstrates time and time again that she is either incapable or disinterested in standing up for what's right.

"This press conference happened more than 18 hours ago -- and still Carolyn is Missing in Action. Why no comment? Why doesn't she speak to her Political Party's leader -- President Obama?

"It's truly shameful that Carolyn McCarthy apparently agrees with America's official policy on Israel, as stated by the White House -- both of them don't even consider Jerusalem the capital of that nation."

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