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Voters Irate as Takach STILL Lies About the NRA


Location: Unknown

I am endorsed by the NRA, Gun Owners of America, the National Association for Gun Rights and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

And it's why thousands of Texas gun owners are furious at Stephen Takach for lying every time he falsely tells voters he is endorsed by the NRA. Did he really think he could lie about being endorsed by the NRA and no one would notice?

He even lied to voters when he said his rating was the highest possible for a non-incumbent. "AQ" is lower than "A," which the NRA can give to non-incumbents, but refused to give him.

Not only did every gun group in Texas and the country refuse to endorse him, Takach stood with Sheila Jackson Lee and Nancy Pelosi in refusing to back gun rights until angry voters forced him to have his highly paid image consultants copy and paste borrowed positions onto his website.

I'm 100% pro-gun, 100% of the time. And I will take the fight directly to Obama to not just stop gun control law, but repeal them.

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