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George Allen Meets with Job Creators in Lynchburg

Press Release

Location: Lynchburg, VA

Today George Allen brought his Virginia Voices tour to Lynchburg to hear directly from hardworking people and job creators about their concerns, ideas and solutions for Washington.

Allen began his Lynchburg visits by meeting with members of the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce. Held at Randolph College, the Lynchburg Chamber meeting brought together small business owners and community leaders from a variety of backgrounds to discuss their views on the policies coming out of Washington. Topics included commonsense conservation and innovation to use energy more efficiently and save money; clean coal technology, oil and natural gas as well as advanced nuclear energy.

"I hear a similar concern from businesses large and small: Washington is creating uncertainty that discourages investment for economic and job growth," said George Allen. "Washington has especially created uncertainty with its deal last summer that cuts $500 Billion from national defense and risks eliminating 200,000 good-paying Virginia jobs. This job loss would send shockwaves throughout the Virginia economy. My top priorities include reversing these devastating cuts and helping provide certainty for job-creators with a more fair, simple and competitive tax system, more reasonable regulations, and more affordable and reliable energy solutions."

Following his visit with the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce, Allen toured the manufacturing facility of Delta Star, Inc., which designs and constructs medium-power transformers and mobile substations. The Delta Star Lynchburg facility employs over 300 hardworking, skilled Virginians.

"For over one hundred years, Delta Star has been building the electrical components to help power our economy," said Steve Newman, Vice President of Delta Star. "These days we find that some of the biggest hurdles in the marketplace are from the government. Washington continues to impose regulations that create uncertainty and impede the ability to plan and compete. We are grateful for George Allen's leadership as Governor and Senator in supporting the jobs Delta Star creates and appreciate his plan for reigning in the federal government to help provide the certainty we need to continue investing, growing and creating more jobs."

George Allen is concluded his Lynchburg visits today by addressing the Virginia Farm Bureau's Young Farmers conference, where he discussed Washington's policies that impact Virginia family farms and small businesses. The top concerns of these young farmers were the death tax, unreasonably burdensome and costly regulations and the health care tax law.

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