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Kaine Releases "Strengthening Our Economy Through Energy Innovation" Agenda

Press Release

Location: Richmond, VA

Today, Kaine for Virginia released its latest policy proposal "Strengthening Our Economy Through Energy Innovation" -- an all of the above energy strategy to expand the use of all sustainable forms of domestic energy that will create jobs in Virginia and increase security and sustainability.

The policy includes proposals to build advanced energy infrastructure, increase conservation, and develop new technologies in alternative fuels like wind, solar, and biomass that are creating jobs in Virginia. The approach also contains an openness to drilling for natural gas and oil off the coast of Virginia with revenue sharing agreements to boost conservation and infrastructure.

"In order to compete in the emerging $2.3 trillion clean energy market, we need to be on the cutting edge of new technologies like wind, solar, and nuclear power while continuing to utilize our wealth of traditional domestic energy resources like Virginia's plentiful coal reserves and natural gas," said Kaine. "By implementing an all of the above strategy, we can guarantee sustainable, affordable, and reliable sources of energy in Virginia that will increase our independence and security, and grow our economy."

As governor, Kaine implemented Virginia's first comprehensive energy policy that included alternative energy sources like biofuels, solar, and wind, as well as an openness to exploratory drilling for natural gas, nuclear, and cleaner coal technology. The energy policy also included a goal of reducing Virginia's rate of growth in energy use by 40 percent, global warming pollution by 30 percent, and increasing in-state energy production by 20 percent. During his term, Kaine also oversaw the permitting of the state-of-the-art cleaner coal facility in Wise County that marks one of the most significant investments in Southwest Virginia.


Kaine's energy strategy includes:

* Efficiency & Conservation: Expand consumer education to increase efficiency, support modernization of buildings to lower utility costs, and promote energy efficient vehicles to reduce pollution and save costs.* Infrastructure: Identify and advance opportunities to improve energy infrastructure like Smart Grid technology that will increase reliability.
* Wind: Support the Production Tax Credit and the development of Virginia's offshore and land-based wind resources to create local jobs and generate clean, affordable electricity.
* Solar: Increase competitiveness of American companies and innovators in solar energy by increasing investments.
* Biofuels and Biomass: End subsidies for inefficient corn-based fuels, and support the utilization of byproducts to generate electricity and conserve landfill capacity.
* Nuclear: Bolster safety of nuclear energy facilities to encourage their continued role in our nation's energy production.
* Natural Gas: Promote the development of America's natural gas resources in a safe, responsible manner.
* Coal: Increase cleaner coal technology that is both environmentally and business friendly.
* Offshore Drilling: Support Virginia Outer Continental Shelf Energy Production Act to allow Virginia to tap into its oil resources.

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