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Taylor Holds Community Forum in Ray, ND


Location: Ray, ND

State Senate Minority Leader and Candidate for Governor Ryan Taylor visited the community of Ray for a public forum Sunday evening, July 29. Residents from Ray, Tioga, Williston, Epping and Powers Lake gathered at the Ray Senior Citizens Center where Sen. Taylor took questions from the crowd. Taylor shared his thoughts and ideas about issues facing oil-producing counties and the responsibilities of the state to help those most affected by this oil boom.

"This oil boom has brought a lot of change to communities like Ray. Some of them are good, and we don't deny that. But getting this oil out of the ground hasn't come for free, and the state and its leadership hasn't done enough to help you with the negative impacts," said Taylor. "The state collects 10.3% in oil and gas extraction taxes, and that tax is collected to assist the oil-producing communities in handling the impacts of this energy development, not to pile up in Bismarck while your roads and schools and emergency services suffer. The state has a responsibility to you, and we need the kind of leadership who will stand up and fulfill that responsibility."

In addition to taking questions, Taylor discussed the platform of his campaign for governor -- Energy, Education and Ethics -- and also shared his plan for meaningful property tax relief.

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