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Letter to Candidate Professor Arthur Robinson, PhD


Location: Unknown

Professor Arthur Robinson, PhD PO Box 1250 Cave Junction, OR 97523

Dear Professor Robinson:

I am in receipt of your vituperative 6-page screed regarding, among numerous other topics, the Fall debate schedule. I have accepted the five invitations to debate. I would note that this is one more than in the 2010 cycle. The addition of a televised debate will give a broad audience the opportunity to understand the dramatic differences in our approach to issues of public policy important to 4th District voters. I urge you to accept the five invitations without further prevarication or delay.

In your 6-page diatribe and your recently distributed campaign book, you have tried to reconstruct or explain away your long held positions in favor of abolishing public education, ending the Social Security "Ponzi scheme" by attrition and favoring big business and Wall Street with total deregulation and tax loopholes and cuts. I will continue to cite your well-documented extremely radical positions (prior to your Congressional candidacy) in my media and our debates.


Peter A. DeFazio

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