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Keith Rothfus Reflected Upon the Announcement of Major Layoffs at PBS Coal


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Keith Rothfus, candidate for Congress (PA-12), today reflected upon the announcement of major layoffs at PBS Coal:

"I was saddened when I heard of the layoffs coming to PBS Coal. It seems as though every day is filled with more bad news about the economy with no end in sight. While Congressman Critz may claim he is for protecting the coal industry, it cannot be denied that these layoffs, the closure of five coal-fired power plants, and chronic unemployment over 8% have come under his and President Obama's watch. Congressman Critz has voted for the bloated EPA budgets that allow the war on coal to be waged, and he voted against the REINS Act, which would have limited the damage the EPA is doing to the coal industry. Enough of the insanity. Enough of the unreasonable regulations from the EPA that are beholden not to science, but to an agenda. Enough of the failed economic policies that send our tax dollars to special interests like Solyndra, rather than roads and bridges in Pennsylvania. Enough cowering behind excuses when tough decisions and leadership is what is needed to stop asking our children to pay China for our mistakes and solve our growing debt crisis. And enough of looking to Washington for the answers that lie right here in Southwestern Pennsylvania - it's time for a change."

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