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Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. ROGERS of Kentucky. Mr. Chairman, as we begin to wind down the debate on this defense bill, I wanted to take just a moment to pay tribute to this dynamic duo that we have--Bill Young and Norm Dicks. The collective experience, wisdom, and knowledge of this defense bill and the actions of our military is almost unprecedented in this House.

They have put forward a great bill in the highest bipartisan traditions of the House, and all of us in this body say ``thank you'' for the great service of these two stalwarts in this body. They have conducted themselves during this debate in the highest traditions of this House. They have collaborated together in a bipartisan way to help defend this country. I think I speak for all Members of the House of Representatives in saying ``thank you'' to these two great stalwarts of this body.

This will be the last defense bill that Norm Dicks will take part in. He is departing this body in retirement, and we will miss his wisdom and his camaraderie and his knowledge of the needs of our country and its defense. I think I speak for all of the House when I say ``thank you'' to Norm Dicks for great service to his country, to this body, and to the defense of our country especially. We will miss his presence. We will miss his expertise. We will miss the fact that he is a jolly good fellow, among other things.


Mr. ROGERS of Kentucky. Mr. Chairman, Chairman Young has mentioned briefly the service of our friend from California (Mr. Lewis), who, as we all know, served as chairman of the full committee for a period of time, and, of course, chairman of this great subcommittee. We're going to miss his presence because he is seeking greener pastures out there as well in retirement.

Jerry Lewis has been a stalwart Member of this body for many years and he has rendered great service to his country, certainly to this House, and most importantly, I think, on this subcommittee, because this subcommittee is in charge of defending our country, and there is no higher calling for any of us than to say we've been a part of that.

Mr. Chairman, I wind my remarks up. We've had some 60 or 70 amendments on this bill, and I think the debate that took place is in the highest traditions of this body. I wish Mr. Lewis and Mr. Dicks happy retirements and other pursuits in life, and we wish you Godspeed.

With that, I yield back the balance of my time.


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