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Gun Rights

Trey believes that we must protect the Second Amendment. "The Right to Keep and Bear Arms" is fundamental.


LEGAL Immigrants have helped build this country and make it what it is, but we must secure the border. Trey opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants, and supports securing our border.


Trey believes in the free market. He believes that we should utilize the natural resources we have in this country to ensure that America is no longer dependent on foreign oil. Trey also supports the Keystone Pipeline.


Trey believes the tax code is broken and too complicated. It needs to be simplified and made certain for a stable business environment. Unlike some of his opponents, Trey has also signed the Americans For Tax Reform's Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which is a common sense commitment to keep tax hikes off the table.


In addition to cutting taxes, Trey also believes in cutting spending, and limiting taxpayer funds to projects that are truly critical--unlike the high-speed rail line that President Obama and one of his opponents have championed. You read that right. Trey's opponents were supporters of Obama's High Speed Rail. No longer can we spend what we do not have.

Medicare & Social Security

We must protect Medicare and social security. We need to protect the generation that protected us.


All parts of Obamacare must be repealed and defunded. In addition, we must open up health insurance so it can function across state lines.


Trey would like to restore education at the local level. He wants to return our education tax-dollars home to allow local communities to make decisions that make sense for their schools. After all, we know what's best for our kids, not Washington.

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