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Issue Position: Trey's Top 3 Priorities

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Trey is the only true conservative in this race and understands what the people of Southwest Florida want from their government--as little as possible. As a local businessman and private citizen that lives in Southwest Florida, Trey understands the needs and concerns of our area.

Priority 1:

Foster an environment for job creation.

To Trey, the solutions to our problems are not easy, but simple: cut spending, and get government out of the way.

Before, we can deal with spending, Trey believes we need to grow our economy. Business owners, both small and large, will tell you they spend far too much time working for the federal government, and not themselves. Whether it is a complicated tax code or dealing with heavy-handed government regulations, our government today inhibits business. Any business owner will tell you that at any given time, they have to pay people to deal with one thing and one thing only -- federal regulation. This is inexcusable.

Trey believes that we need to return to what made this country great: free people and free enterprise. We need to allow manufacturers to thrive, and both Democrats and Republicans need to quit choosing winners and losers.

Priority 2:

Pay down the national debt.

Having run a business, Trey believes that there is a simple economic rule that Washington needs to abide by: don't spend more money than you take in. Both Republicans and Democrats have been far too comfortable mortgaging away our children's future. Trey wants to put a stop to this now. Trey believes we need to make massive cuts to the federal budget, end pork-barrel spending, and eliminate wasteful and repetitive programs and agencies.

Trey would go through the federal budget line by line, and for each item of spending, ask whether or not the American taxpayer really needs to foot the bill for this project. If not, the program is gone. In the process, we can fulfill the promise we made to the greatest generation and protect social security and Medicare.

One last thing: unlike some of his opponents, Trey believes the only way to reduce our deficit is to cut spending--tax increases are off the table. It's a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Priority 3.

Repeal Obamacare and End Other Job-Killing Regulations

Our country has prided itself on freedom and liberty. Regulations like Obamacare not only place severe restrictions on our freedom and choice but also threaten the economic livelihood of this country. Obamacare in particular essentially forces individuals to buy a private product just because they are American. This is another example of the government excessively interfering in the lives of private citizens. This law is not only costly, but will also cause great inefficiencies in the medical industry, and have negative ripples throughout the economy. On Trey's first day in office, Trey would offer a bill to repeal all parts Obamacare (regardless of the Supreme Court's decision).

In addition, Trey will also fight against any additional regulations will inhibit job creation and the free growth of our economy. Businesses need less red tape and more freedom of choice. Trey can lead this country back to its core values of liberty and prosperity.

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