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Thinking Small Business Owners in America

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. YODER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to say thank you to all those small business owners across America who have used their ingenuity, hard work, and tireless effort at great financial risk to build a business from the ground up.

Americans know that jobs aren't created by bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. We know that our country's greatest innovators succeed in our American free enterprise system because they pour their hearts and souls into their dreams, overcoming each obstacle placed in their way.

In our current economy, Congress should be doing everything it can to minimize the burdens on these entrepreneurs; yet, day by day, new regulations, mandates, and taxes pile up and make it that much harder for these innovators to succeed and harder for them to create good jobs and grow the economy.

Mr. Speaker, this morning, as thousands of small business owners rise at the crack of dawn once again to build on the American Dream, we say thank you. It's their hard work and determination, and it's the tireless effort of every working American that has built the most prosperous Nation the world has ever seen.

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