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Wittman: "Looming cuts to defense must be averted"


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-1) today voted in favor of legislation to require the Administration to inform the American people about their plans for looming cuts to the budget, termed "sequestration." Sequestration will cut $50 billion from the defense budget in Fiscal Year 2013, and almost $500 billion over the next 10 years. Department of Defense officials have described these cuts as "catastrophic."

"I believe the looming cuts to defense must be averted because of the detrimental effects on our national security and economy. However, as the Administration has threatened to veto the solution I voted for in the House, they should provide answers to taxpayers and to our troops on how they will implement these cuts. Constituents in America's First District have shared their concerns with me, especially many small businesses which work to support our military -- to innovate, and to build systems and resources for our troops that save lives, and help them do their job on the battlefield. Leaving this issue to the last minute is irresponsible and if the Administration is not going to put forward a plan of their own to counter the cuts, they should at least disclose basic information on how they plan to implement these cuts.

"The Senate should follow the lead of the House, vote to avoid these devastating cuts to our national security and send a bill to the President's desk. It is incumbent upon the nation's leaders to act to ensure our military remains the most capable and effective fighting force in the world."

The House passed H.R. 5872, The Sequestration Transparency Act, by a vote of 414-2.

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