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Schilling, Loebsack on Thomson: "We will continue working in a bipartisan fashion to bring these jobs to our region"


Location: Moline, IL

Following several developments today, Congressmen Dave Loebsack (IA-02) and Bobby Schilling (IL-17) issued the following joint statement:

"As everyone knows well, this isn't a new issue -- it's been around for 10 years. Neither Republicans or Democrats were able to solve it when they held both the White House and Congress.

"Unfortunately, today's developments do nothing to move Thomson closer to opening. Chairman Wolf's action today is a disappointing setback. Yet again, decisions affecting the opening of the prison are taking place in Washington and completely removed from the economic realities in Illinois and Iowa and our constituents' needs for good jobs.

"This is just more of the typical Washington DC, business as usual political blame game. We are working together to find whatever avenue we can to get the job done for our region.

"No one says it will be easy; there are many hurdles to overcome on both sides of the aisle, in both chambers of Congress, and at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. But the bottom line is we will continue to work together to reach across the divide, find a solution, and bring these jobs to our region."

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