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Robert's Round-Up: the House Acts Again to Repeal the President's Health Care Law


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This past week, the House once again acted on behalf of the American people and voted to repeal the President's health care law. Some have indicated that the House should not have considered this repeal bill because the Senate is almost certain to let it die. However, as the voice for the people of Virginia's 5th District, I believe that it is important that your voices are heard in this important debate.

As I meet with families and small businesses across the 5th District, I have seen how devastating the impacts of this law are across our district. Just because the law was ruled constitutional does not mean it is right for our country. There are still families who can't afford the rising premiums the law has caused, small business owners who will be faced with slimmer margins as a result of this massive tax, and there are many jobs on hold because local business owners can't afford the law's additional taxes.

Americans across this country have suffered 41 months of over 8% unemployment due to job-crushing laws like the President's health care law. Additionally, this law has now put our seniors in a position where the federal government will be rationing care at this critical time in their lives. And future Americans -- our children and our grandchildren --will ultimately suffer from a weakened America due to the crushing debt this law is certain to leave them.

Many across the 5th District have spoken out and recent public polling suggests that a majority of Americans do not want this law. The President's health care law is not just bad policy; it is an affront to our founding principles.

As Americans, limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty are principles that we hold dear. But this law defies them all by expanding the federal government in an unprecedented way, crushing the spirit of free enterprise that has made us the greatest country in the world, and trampling upon our individual liberty to make the choices that are best for ourselves and for our families.

And though the Court has ruled on the constitutionality, the fact still remains that just because a prescription is legal, that does not make it the right cure for the ailment. This is why this past week, the House of Representatives once again voted to stop the one of the biggest tax hikes in our nation's history that has been under the guise of health care reform for the past two years.

Time and time again, delivering on the American people's message, the House has voted to repeal, defund, and replace this law, saving taxpayers more than $52 billion while doing so. But if the Senate and the President would be willing to work with us, we could save the American people a lot more.

This past week's vote was important as it signified that the House will not stand by while the American people are negatively impacted by this health care law. And as we continue our focus on getting our economy back on track by reducing the debt and creating jobs in our local communities, repealing this flawed health care law is necessary if we are going to move this country forward.

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