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Robert Hurt Calls on Senate, President to Stop the Tax Hike on Families and Small Businesses


Location: Unknown

Congressman Robert Hurt today released the following statement calling on the United States Senate and the President to work with the House of Representatives to avoid a job-crushing tax hike on American families and small businesses:

"The Senate and the President have voiced their support for levying a massive tax hike on the backs of American families and small business owners across this country, but heeding the message of the American people, the House will not stand for it. We will not stand by as hundreds of thousands of jobs are lost as a result of this tax increase; as small business owners are forced to shut their doors; and as the American people suffer in a stagnant economy as the federal government continues to dig deeper into their pockets. At a time when many places in the 5th District are facing double-digit unemployment, Central and Southside Virginians simply cannot afford another job-destroying, big government policy from Washington. That is why next week, the House will act once again to extend the current tax rates and put us on the path to comprehensive tax reform that will lead to a flatter, fairer, and simpler tax code."

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