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Issue Position: Socially Responsible, Yet Competitive Health Care

Issue Position

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There are many reasons why health care costs have risen. Doctors and health care facilities are experiencing their own cost increases. This in turn drives up costs to consumers. Medical providers are required to treat everyone and many cannot afford the costs, so it gets passed on to those who can. Medicare pays very little toward the cost of a doctor's visit and providers also have to make up these losses to keep their doors open. Malpractice insurance costs are also a large contributor to health care costs. Frivolous lawsuits have driven costs through the roof. This is also the reason that doctors run what are considered to be unnecessary tests. If they miss anything, they get sued.

What's the answer? We need a review system and a less restrictive pay system in many cases (Tort reform.) This would end the large share of these lawsuits and help bring down the costs a great deal. Illegal immigrants also add to the high costs of medical care. Providers also have to deal with a great amount of over regulation and mandatory paper work. We are also prohibited from buying health insurance across state lines. If Minnesotans were allowed this option the competition would also drive down costs.

Why is "Obamacare" bad? First of all, it is illegal. The government does not have the authority to require a citizen to purchase anything. It will greatly damage the quality of health care in the United States. If we cannot repeal Obamacare, health care will have to be rationed. There is no other way, we cannot afford it. We must not allow ourselves to be judged by panels who will decide who should be worthy of treatment.

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