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Domestic Terrorism

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. MORAN. Madam Speaker, I appreciate the moment of silence that we extended the victims of the Aurora, Colorado, massacre yesterday. But the more telling silence is this body's refusal to address the issue of gun control. As a result, a comparable number of Americans will be killed by firearms every day. There are 10,000 homicides by firearms in America every year, 19 times the number of firearm deaths in all civilized countries combined.

Today is the anniversary of the shooting deaths of two of our Capitol policemen. We responded to those killings with remorse and even more heartfelt condolences after our colleague Gabby was shot, but 60 more multiple murders have been committed since then.

Thirty-two innocent students at Virginia Tech were massacred, and Virginia's legislative body actually weakened the State's gun control laws, suggesting that the fault was with the students because they weren't carrying firearms themselves. A similar comment was made by a Member of this body after the Aurora killings that there should have been a shootout in that darkened theater.

This is domestic terrorism, Madam Speaker. We ought to stop being so soft on such crime. If this shooting had been committed by foreign terrorists, we'd send the marines out after them, but foreign terrorists don't buy their weapons from dealers who are members of the NRA.

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