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Y Mountain Access Enhancement Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CHAFFETZ. Mr. Speaker, I am proud to introduce this piece of legislation. It's common sense. I think it's something that should be widely accepted.

I also appreciate the bipartisan nature in which we introduce this bill. Mr. Faleomavaega was important to this, Mr. Flake and Mr. McKeon, and I appreciate the bipartisan nature in which we introduced this bill.

As you go into Utah County, up on the eastern side of the valley there, there's this big Y representing Brigham Young University. It's a mainstay in our community and something that we're all proud of. It's also something that is easily accessible to hikers. Year-round, people will hike up this trail as they pass up and go up to enjoy a day up on the side of the mountain.

And really, in an effort to make sure that this is properly maintained, there's continuity of maintenance. This really does make sense. It's interesting, because that portion, that 80 acres that we talk about today was once owned by Brigham Young University, and that was then transferred into a trust and, over the course of time, many decades ago it was actually transferred to the Forest Service. And so, now, to actually sell it back, have that money deposited back into the Treasury to help reduce our deficit, Brigham Young University paying fair market value for that, makes sense in terms of keeping the continuity in place, making sure that the trail is well-maintained, that it's clean. It's something that people in Utah and other people coming to our State like to enjoy on a regular basis.

So the bill would restore ownership to Brigham Young University, provide long-term certainty by removing any questions about who owns the land and who is responsible for maintaining the trail, and I look forward to the passage of this.

It's important to our community, and I think a good win-win for the Federal Government as well as the residents there, particularly in Utah County.


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