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The 21st Century Postal Service Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Speaker, it has now been nearly three months since the Senate passed its comprehensive postal reform legislation in an effort to address the mounting financial woes of the United States Postal Service. The 21st Century Postal Service Act, as it is known, would allow the USPS to address the growing demands of a modem age of technology, and grant the agency the authority it needs to avoid insolvency without unnecessary cuts to labor.

Yet, the Republican-controlled House still refuses to consider the Senate bill despite this very serious threat to millions of businesses and residential neighborhoods across the country. The Postal Service processed over 167 billion mail pieces in 2011 alone. Further, there are nearly 8.4 million jobs and over $1 trillion in revenue attributed to the mailing industry. Sitting back idly, or blindly mandating drastic and indiscriminate cuts to essential services, will cause immeasurable harm to our economic recovery.

That is why I have joined my Democratic colleagues in cosponsoring sensible reform in Congress to bolster the Postal Service's operations, and to clear the path for thoughtful ways to restore the USPS to its former prosperity. When there is so much at stake, this is simply not a time to politicize these issues. Sadly, that is what my Republican colleagues in Congress are doing, and that is the cause of this delay.

Mr. Speaker, the Postal Service is an American institution that unites our Nation and provides reliable and inexpensive services to businesses and residents alike. We must recognize the Postal Service as the American institution that it is, and act swiftly and appropriately to address this issue while there is still time.

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