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Mourdock: Clear Differences Exist Between Congressman Joe Donnelly and Me on Jobs


Location: Indianapolis, IN

Indiana State Treasurer and GOP Candidate for the US Senate Richard Mourdock defined the clear differences between Congressman Joe Donnelly and himself on job creation.

"It has become clear that the Obama-Donnelly agenda is a jobs killler," said Treasurer Mourdock, while visiting with employees at McFarling Foods, an employee-owned small business that worked with Mourdock to keep its ownership and jobs here in Indiana.

"Whether you look to their support for a failed stimulus plan, ObamaCare, or current efforts to raise taxes on small businesses, Congressman Joe Donnelly and his allies in Washington, DC are creating havoc in our economy. It has to stop, and that begins on November 6th."

Mourdock pointed to efforts by the President and Congressional Democrats to raise taxes on individual business owners, a Senate-passed bill which would raise federal estate taxes and their unwillingness to enact a budget that would head off automatic spending cuts as just the latest examples of how Donnelly's agenda is hurting our economy.

"Today, if you are a small business, like McFarling Foods, you don't know what your taxes will be in a few months, you don't know what your health care will look like, you can't make plans to pass along your family owned business or farm to your kids and you have no confidence in our economy," said Mourdock, who has called for a permanent extension of current income tax rates and a repeal of both the federal estate and ObamaCare.

McFarling Foods CEO Len McFarling praised Mourdock's work as State Treasurer to strengthen the state's support for employee-owned companies and endorsed Mourdock's message. "First, let me say that Richard Mourdock is a true friend of our business and its employees. His efforts as Treasurer made a big difference to us," said McFarling. "And, as the chief executive of a company with 185 employees, I couldn't agree more with his message. The madness in Washington, DC has to end, and that starts with electing a US Senator who will work to create jobs every day. Richard Mourdock has already proven that to us."

"We have seen what Joe Donnelly and President Obama will do. Now, will we continue to follow the "Washington, DC Path' or take our Hoosier principles so many of us have fought for to Capitol Hill?" asked Mourdock.

"In Indiana, we've shown we can balance budgets, reduce the size of government and create jobs," stated Mourdock.

Mourdock called on Donnelly to explain the obvious conflicts between statements in his recent campaign TV commercial and his Congressional record. "This week, my opponent went on the air to declare that he is for job creation and balanced budgets, and that follows five years in which he worked with Nancy Pelosi and President Obama to add trillions to the national debt, pass ObamaCare, bail out Wall Street, threaten to raise taxes and failed to pass a budget. Congressman Joe Donnelly ought to blush when he sees that ad and he ought to be embarrassed by it," said Mourdock.

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