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Supporting Make It in America

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. Mr. Speaker I rise in support of the Make It in America plan, a series of bills set forth by House Democrats to put America back to work.

In the 29th District of Texas, we hold job fairs throughout the year to help our constituents find a job and make better lives for themselves and their families. The American public continually cites job creation and economic growth as the top concerns in the Nation.

The Make It in America plan aims to strengthen the economy and boost the middle class through continuing to grow our manufacturing and energy production sectors and creating jobs in America. Make It in America focuses on competition, investing in infrastructure, clean energy jobs, increased education, smart tax policies, and smart regulations.

Unfortunately, the majority in the 112th Congress has failed to bring these job-creating plans to the floor for a vote and continually refuses to put forward a comprehensive jobs plan. Congress must focus our legislative priorities, invest in our future, create good middle class jobs and increase America's competitiveness around the globe. By creating these jobs for hardworking Americans, the other areas of our economy will be stimulated.

I urge the majority to take up these bipartisan bills and help the American people get back to work.

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