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Ask Peter: The Red Tape Reduction Act


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) released the latest installment of Ask Peter today, a frequent video conversation with Sixth District residents about issues important to them. In this segment, Congressman Roskam answers a question from Joe Scally of Downers Grove about what House Republicans are doing to keep jobs in Illinois.


I'm Congressman Peter Roskam, welcome back to Ask Peter.

I recently heard from Joe Scally from Downers Grove who asked, "What are you doing to keep jobs in Illinois?"

Well, it seems like right now the problem is in Washington D.C. and that there are some folks, including President Obama, that say we need to raise taxes on people that "don't pay their fair share."

Just last week, Ernst & Young, the big accounting firm, issued a report that said if that would have happened, if those taxes were to go up, then 30,000 jobs would go away in Illinois.

We've got to do something about that.

The first thing is: stop that tax hike. But the second thing is, the House is taking up the Red Tape Reduction Act which gives relief to small businesses who are trying to create jobs but they find more and more regulations that don't seem to make sense to be pressing down on them.

So the Red Tape Reduction Act says this: there's a moratorium for a year on more red tape, new regulations have to be transparent and they have to make sense.

It's this type of common sense approach to job creation that House Republicans are all about.

I need to hear from you by email, Facebook, Twitter or old fashioned cards and letters.

I'm Congressman Peter Roskam. Thanks for watching.

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