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WJBC - Schock Hopes Local Research Can Help Veterans

News Article

Location: Peoria, IL

By Dave Dahl

New research could help returning Gulf War veterans who complain of various aches, pains, and anxieties.

U. S. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Peoria) says the research is being done at two colleges in his district.

"Soldiers deployed there during the Gulf War were given drugs to combat exposure to nerve gas, as well as other drugs to prevent negative reactions to some of the insects there. It is believed that those drugs, combined with the stress of the war, led to various forms of neuroinflammation, (which can lead to) mental and nervous issues, joint pains, and the like," Schock told the American Legion Illinois convention in Springfield.

He said the research, at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria and the SIU School of Medicine in Springfield, will be done in conjunction with the Department of Defense.

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