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Public Statements - Bustos Calls for Farm Bill to Be Passed in Congress

News Article

Location: Peoria, IL

By WEEK Producer

17th District Congressional Candidate Cheri Bustos spent the day in Peoria, focusing on the significance of bipartisanship in Congress.

Bustos calls the current Congress one of the most ineffective ever, pointing to the farm bill that passed out the the senate but remains stalled in the house.

She says in the midst of the worst drought in half-a-century, members of the house-- including her opponent, incumbent Bobby Schilling -- need to get that bill passed before leaving for their five week break.

"I would certainly hope they take care of it," said Bustos. "Family farmers are calling out for this, we need to make sure that gets passed. I am not in the position right now where I can vote on that, but I can tell you, if I were there I would do everything within my power to make sure that would get through and that we're looking out for those family farmers."

Congressman Bobby Schilling's office says he is doing exactly that, saying last week, he sent a letter to house leadership and 59 members from both sides of the aisle urging for a vote on the farm bill.

A spokesperson for Schilling says the congressman has a record of bipartisanship.

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