Blog: Fighting the Regulatory Onslaught


By:  Tim Scott
Date: July 25, 2012
Location: Unknown

Yesterday I had the chance to stand with a group of bipartisan House members to talk about the potential damage of a new FDA regulation created by the President's health care plan.

The regulation would require grocery stores, convenience stores, pizza chains and others to install menu boards containing nutritional information on every combination of made-to-order food they serve. And if the menu changes, new boards must be made. The full cost of this could be $822 million to implement and would result in 14.5 million annual paperwork burden hours on our small businesses throughout the nation.

This is clearly an example of even more federal overreach -- if I want to know the nutritional information of the food I'm eating, I should be able to look on the internet or receive a paper pamphlet with the information. Forcing unnecessary additional costs and burdens on job creators when unemployment has been more than 8 percent nationally for more than 41 months just doesn't make sense.

This Friday I'll be at the Piggly Wiggly in Moncks Corner to discuss this regulation as part of this month's "Talkin' Shop with Tim," and I'll also be bagging groceries. I will continue to fight the regulatory onslaught coming from Washington; as I've said before, government can't create jobs, but it sure can destroy them.


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