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Issue Position: I Believe... Responsibility

Issue Position

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I Believe...

…That Minnesota should be fiscally conservative, always operating within its means and with a balanced budget.

Individuals and families, who operate within budgets, should expect nothing less from elected representatives. Minnesota citizens deserve responsible government, which embodies the principle of holding government accountable.

The tax system has a pronounced impact on economic performance. A fresh review of government spending, taxes, reduction of the current debt and a balanced state budget are of paramount importance. Current national policy on the economy and job creation is having a devastating effect on our state. To help counter this impact, we must address the way government serves Minnesotans'. We need to strengthen regulations that improve and enhance our quality of life, and review those which suppress and hinder our state in job creation and economic growth. It also means improving the efficiency of delivering services to state residents.

Our budget must be balanced in order for Minnesota to thrive……not just survive.

Public awareness and concern for current business taxes and how those taxes affect our competitiveness, wages, and living standards needs to be addressed. Fundamental tax reform must include tax reduction, which would provide true incentives for growth in our economy. High rates of taxation stifle small and large businesses in their efforts to be successful. A thorough review of state programs and the elimination of duplicated of services would go a long way in cost savings for the taxpayer.

Increased taxation, wasteful government spending and rising deficits have produced an economic contraction, both nationally and at home. Government spending requires financing choices. Minnesota government cannot spend money without first taking that money from someone. As public servants/elected officials, we are entrusted to spend tax dollars wisely. Responsible spending includes fair and equitable funding of our public school system and institutions of higher education, transportation, law enforcement and other essential services that improve the quality of life in Minnesota.

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them".

Thomas Jefferson

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