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The Buying of America

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. HANABUSA. Madam Speaker, when the Supreme Court decided Citizens United, it opened the floodgates to special interests. This country is faced, for the first time, with a small number influencing our elections, something that we've never experienced before. Let us all remember that it is our elections and our right to vote which makes us the great nation that we are. It is what people have gone to war for and died for.

But now we're seeing the buying of America. We have been told that about 600 super PACs have raised over $240 million, and they've already spent over $113 million on our elections. We do know that the Republican donors are famous brothers, and they, with their friends, have spent about $400 million in the upcoming election. And we also know that there's a Republican donor casino owner who has already spent $71 million to affect our elections.

We can't prohibit the spending, but we can require transparency so that the public knows who is spending this money. This is the DISCLOSE Act. But, Madam Speaker, Republicans have stopped the vote on the DISCLOSE Act. The Democrats have signed the discharge petition to bring it up to vote. We must bring it up to vote, Madam Speaker. We must show the people that America is not for sale.

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