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Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. SCHWARTZ. I appreciate the opportunity to speak for just a couple of minutes on the legislation before us.

I do support a transparent process that would better ensure that there's public information on the impact of sequestration which, of course, is the automatic spending cuts that are scheduled for next year.

Sequestration, which would trigger those automatic cuts, was put in place to force Congress to work to find a bipartisan, balanced approach to deficit reduction. Today's legislation does not move us any closer to achieving that goal.

Time and again, the Republicans in Congress have rejected a balanced approach that would include spending cuts and revenue and economic growth. They reject a balanced approach that would protect our Nation's short-term economic recovery and create the right environment for long-term growth.

They reject a balanced approach, as you heard before, that has been recommended by every bipartisan commission, that would move our country forward by making tough yet responsible choices on the deficit and would reflect America's priorities and build America's economic strength.

The American people deserve to know the impact of across-the-board cuts resulting from the failure of the Republican majority to find that common ground and avoid sequester. But they also deserve real solutions, something the Republican majority has yet to deliver.

Their so-called solution, their budget, the House Republican budget, takes a partisan, one-sided approach to deficit reduction. It relies solely on spending cuts and directs the $100 billion cuts next year from sequestration to come only from one part of the budget: non-defense discretionary. All of the $100 billion cuts next year would come from our domestic priorities: health care, education, scientific research, transportation, law enforcement, to name a few.

Their budget fails to require other even larger parts of the Federal budget to reduce costs and be more effective. Their budget fails to protect our fragile economic recovery. It fails on economic growth. They should work together with Democrats to make a real deficit reduction-economic growth package for the United States of America.


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