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Governor Cuomo Issues Statement on One Year Anniversary of Marriage Equality Taking Effect in New York State


Location: Albany, NY

"Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of marriage equality taking effect in New York State. This is both a day to celebrate and a day to reflect. One year ago, the Marriage Equality Act became a reality for same-sex couples upstate and downstate who had been living for decades with disparate treatment simply based on their sexual orientation. Since then, thousands of same-sex couples have gotten married in New York and are now afforded thousands of benefits and protections that they were previously deprived of under state law, including health care and hospital visitation rights, pension benefits, property ownership, inheritance rights, and safeguards against loss or injury of a spouse.

New York has always been at the forefront of progressive reform and I am proud to serve as its Governor. We worked collaboratively with the Legislature to enact this law that once again defines New York as a bastion of equality. We hope that this effort inspires others to remove the vestiges of inequality and injustice that may still exist in laws and practices.

Today, New York welcomes everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, to marry the person they love. We are proud to, once again, light the torch for equality and justice for all."

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