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Rockefeller, Rahall Announce Grant to Help with Flood Issues Around Dunloup Creek

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Senator Jay Rockefeller and Congressman Nick Rahall today announced that Dunloup Creek Watershed Project in Fayette County will receive an additional $2.8 million to help protect residents in the area from serious flooding.

"This is great news for residents around Dunloup Creek who for too long have faced serious flood damage to their homes and community -- often every few years -- and the financial and safety burdens that brings," said Rockefeller. "Moving can be very expensive, but this grant will enable them to receive enough money to purchase a new home that's close by, but away from the threat of floods, and also move without fear of straining their pocketbooks. I've been working to make sure that these residents and all West Virginians are safe in their homes, and this project is making that possible."

"The Dunloup Creek project is an excellent example of how Federal hazard mitigation investments, in partnership with the State and local communities, can serve the public and reduce the impact and costs of future floods," said Rahall, who has been active and vocal in supporting mitigation funding for flood buyout projects like Dunloup Creek. "There has been an overwhelming amount of interest in the Dunloup Creek buyout program as residents look to relocate their homes away from the flood plain, and I am pleased that the buyout program can continue to move forward to completion. Every house, garage, barn, shed and structure we move out of the flood plain helps save another family's life, limb and heartache. Dunloup Creek's program is a success by that standard."

The money will specifically be used to continue the Dunloup Creek Voluntary Floodplain Buyout which enables the purchase the homes of residents who live within the 100-year floodplain of Dunloup Creek and are seriously threatened by severe floods. Residents participating in the program will receive a buyout offer that allows them to seek quality housing outside the floodplain. About 80 percent of eligible residents have expressed a desire to relocate so that they are out of danger from repeated floods. The buyout is completely voluntary.

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