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Issue Position: Spending and Budgeting Reform

Issue Position

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For too long in state government, what politicians spend is only limited by how much of your money they take. Without restraints on the amount of new spending each year, government is subject to the boom and bust cycle of the economy. That kind of unpredictability is bad for taxpayers and the people served by government.

I want to bring a business perspective to budgeting. First, we have to get away from the boom-bust method of budgeting. In a good year, we need to take excess revenue and put it away for a rainy day, or re-invest it in the economy. In addition, we have to end the practice of bureaucracies using your tax dollars to beg for more tax dollars. Once elected, I will support:

*Capping spending increases to no more than population plus inflation over the previous year while taking excess and investing in economic development or returning it to taxpayers
*"Zero-based budgeting," a requirement that spending start at zero each year rather than simply building increases on top of last year's spending
*"Activity-based budgeting," a requirement that agencies submit "activity reports" of exactly what activities your tax dollars are paying for, and whether there are achieving the desired results - not unlike a shareholders' report in private business
*A ban on taxpayer-funded lobbyists

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