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Fighting for Middle Class Tax Cuts


Location: Washington, DC

House Republicans are now the last obstacle standing in the way of middle class tax cuts. On Wednesday, the Senate passed Democratic legislation to extend tax cuts for 98% of Americans. Now, it is time for the House to do the same.

The House GOP has refused to allow a vote on this legislation. Instead of providing certainty to the American people, they continue to support their plan to provide tax cuts to the top 2% and add over $930 billion to the deficit. Unfortunately, this is only one of many manufactured crises that Americans have had to deal with since they gained the majority:

Debt Ceiling Crisis
A 13-Day partial Shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration
Threatening a Government Shutdown
Unnecessary delays on a bipartisan transportation bill to create or save over two million jobs, disaster relief for those affected by major tornados and hurricanes, financial relief for over 7 million college students
Democrats are committed to listening to the voices of the American people and addressing their top priorities. Congress must take immediate action to extend the middle class tax cut and prevent taxes from increasing on over 114 million American families.

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