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Issue Position: Making Quality Health Care Affordable

Issue Position

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"Rising health care costs are bankrupting middle class families and holding back small businesses from creating jobs. I support America's new health care law because it controls costs, protects taxpayers, ends the worst practices of the insurance industry and puts doctors and patients back in control of their health care decisions."

Health care has been the fastest growing expense for businesses and middle-class families. When President Obama moved in 2009 to improve health care by stopping insurance company practices like dropping coverage when you or a family become sick or refusing to cover pre-existing conditions, and strengthening Medicare to offer free preventive care and wellness exams, Sinema supported these and other important reforms to get health care costs under control for all. She was part of national team of state elected officials who worked to help craft America's new health care law to meet the needs of states, not the federal government. Sinema believes that there is still work to do to improve health care. For example, we need new reforms to help keep costs down for families and also for primary care providers, which are often small businesses. The health care law isn't perfect, and in Congress, Sinema will work to amend the law to make it work effectively.

While Governor Jan Brewer has repeatedly tried to cut funding for health care assistance for low-income families in Arizona, Sinema worked to ensure that any reforms protected taxpayers, reduced costs, and ended the worst practices of the insurance industry. Thanks in part to her hard work in improving the bill, Sinema was invited by the President to attend the signing in March, 2010.

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