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Issue Position: Creating Arizona Jobs

Issue Position

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"I know from my own life how much value there is in a job. A job is a path to self-respect and independence for an individual and for a family. That's why I support working people, and it's why I believe we must invest in education and job training to strengthen Arizona's economy."

The number one job for Congress is creating a stronger economy, both nationally and here in Arizona. That means helping small businesses start and grow, because 90% of new jobs come from small businesses. And Sinema believes Congress needs to do more for the middle class, like protecting payroll tax cuts for working and middle-class families, such as those in the American Jobs Act, which would give a typical Arizona household an additional $1,430 in take-home pay.

The goal is building a vibrant economy that rewards those who work hard and play by the rules, not corporate CEOs who exploit loopholes and leave others to clean up their mess; encourages competition and innovation without exploiting hard-working middle class Americans; creates opportunity for small businesses to thrive, including access to the capital and expertise they need to grow and expand; and harnesses American creativity and public-private partnerships to once again position our economy as the strongest in the world, so we don't continue to rack up debt that future generations will inherit. We have willing R&D partners, like ASU, Intel, Freescale Semiconductor, Honeywell and others and we need to use them as the economic engines they can and should be.

Sinema says it's wrong to waste taxpayer dollars on tax giveaways for corporations that ship jobs overseas or across the border. She'll fight to close these wasteful tax loopholes, and reward companies that create jobs here in America instead.

Sinema has been endorsed by the Arizona AFL-CIO and other unions representing working families because of her strong record fighting for middle-class jobs and the rights of working people.

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