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Working for Charleston by Listening to You

Paul's parents raised their family to serve the community. It's a value Paul and his wife Libby have passed on to their children, Mary and William.

As an adult, Paul has spent many years serving Charleston, and making a positive difference in real peoples' lives. As an attorney, Paul has run a small business advocating for the people of Charleston for over 30 years.

And as a Charleston City Councilman for 9 years, Paul delivered real progress to our streets and neighborhoods. He did it by listening to the needs of our community and responding to those needs. And that's what he will do again as our Senator.

So take a minute right now and send Paul an email to share your ideas and concerns for our community:

Getting Things Done for Charleston

Columbia politicians are really good at least two things: wasting time and wasting our money.

Actually doing the job of representing our community requires getting down to work, listening to people and making tough choices -- which is exactly what Paul Tinkler did on the Charleston City Council.

Paul was elected to Charleston City Council in 1998. On day one, Paul sought out and pushed for practical solutions to make his district and the city stronger.

When times got tough with the Charleston budget, Paul donated his council salary for a beautification project in the district to make sure it got done right.

Paul also improved the city's tax base to keep property taxes low and to make sure that both residents and guests pay their fair share.

Over the years, he advocated and supported sound budget policies that helped Charleston continue smart growth and maintain the highest bond rating in the state. A change he advocated for in the city health insurance program saved $2,000,000 the first year it was implemented.

To Paul Tinkler, serving the people of Charleston was never about himself. In fact, he set a term limit for himself, did the job for 9 years and left when his time was up.

As a Senator, Paul Tinkler will take the same straightforward, practical approach to representing Charleston's hard working families.

On our behalf in Columbia, he will:

*Create Good Jobs Here in the Lowcountry by Keeping Taxes Low and Making Smart Investments
*Advocate for Ethics Reform by Transferring jurisdiction of House and Senate ethics issues to the Ethics Commission
*Stop Columbia Politicians from Wasting Our Time & Money by Shortening the Session Length to 3 Months
*Lower Property Taxes for Families & Seniors by Tracking Down Tax Cheats and Ending Wasteful Spending
*Improve Our Schools and Public Education Programs by Fighting for Smaller Community Schools and More Teachers
*Keep Our Families Safe by Standing Squarely Behind Charleston Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Charleston Needs a Senator Who Will Do the Job.

Paul Tinkler Will.

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