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Issue Position: Social Security/Medicare: Keep Our Promises to Seniors

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Social Security and Medicare not only represent a sacred promise made to all Americans who have been in the workforce; they are also critical to the economic health of our nation. We must stop those who seek to privatize Social Security and turn Medicare into a voucher system. For nearly eight decades, we've kept the promise of Social Security and paid earned benefits to every eligible American. In 2011, Social Security ran a $2.6 trillion surplus and has not contributed a penny to the national debt. Those who seek to privatize or eliminate Social Security are misguided and are looking to hand Social Security off to the same people responsible for the financial crisis.

Social Security was developed in the aftermath of the Great Depression and has been incredibly successful in preventing senior poverty. In an age of economic uncertainty, Social Security has been a stabilizing force for our economy. Furthermore, countless Americans rely on the Social Security checks they've earned to meet their financial obligations.

Cutting or eliminating Medicare doesn't eliminate the medical needs of our seniors. Instead of addressing the real issue, the rising cost of medical care, politicians in Washington are seeking to dismantle the most popular medical program in our country. We need Congress to finally address the rising cost of medical care and stop focusing on trying to balance the budget on the backs of seniors.

We can and must protect Social Security and Medicare for all generations of Americans.

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