Issue Position: Education: Education is the Answer

Issue Position

By:  David Schapira
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

The strength of America's economy tomorrow will be shaped by the investment that we make as a nation today. As a former teacher, David has dedicated his life to the belief that every student should have access to quality education, regardless of race, socio-economic status or where they live. For the first time in history, this generation of students will be less educated than their parents. College is less affordable today than it has ever been. We're moving in the wrong direction on building a more educated America, and David will help make education a national priority again.

For too long, Washington has advanced educational policy without bringing teachers, parents, school administrators and other important stakeholders to the table. We must work to include those on the front lines of education in the process to find solutions to problems we face in our education system. One of the most important challenges in American education policy will be the reauthorization and reform of "No Child Left Behind" in the next term of Congress -- we cannot fail once again to include educators and other stakeholders in that discussion.

The federal government should be less involved in setting blanket, unfunded regulations for schools and more focused on building educational infrastructure, ensuring that every student has access to great schools. Working together with states, school districts, school administrators, teachers, parents and students, we can remove barriers to opportunity by preparing our students to overcome them and giving our students the educational resources they need to achieve the American Dream.

Education is not only the key to individual success; it's also inextricably linked with our economy. We need to prepare tomorrow's workforce by improving our education system. This is vital for America's economic future. Competition for high-skill, high-wage jobs has historically been between communities or states, but times have changed. China has more honor students than America has students, and while we lose jobs to China today because of low labor costs, we will lose jobs in the future for having a less qualified workforce. We need to prepare today's students for careers that don't even exist yet. We can accomplish this by ensuring that American students have access to a well-rounded education system, including math, science, technology, language, literature, social studies and the arts, as well as physical and health education. Ensuring that all children have access to these educational opportunities must become a national priority.

In Congress, David will be more than a single vote in favor of improved access to quality education-- he will be a leader who champions the issue and builds coalitions to achieve real progress for our students. He'll be a Congressman, maybe the only one, who asks himself daily, "what can I do to improve our schools today?"

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