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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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Responsible Immigration Reform

I believe that we need a responsible pathway to immigration reform. Our country is a nation of immigrants and we will continue to NEED additional immigrants in the years ahead.

That being said, our present system of severely restricted legal immigration along with our refusal to remove the attractiveness of illegal immigration along with our lack of commitment to enforce our national boundries have all contributed to the truly awful situation we find ourselves in today.

Therefore, I believe what we need is Responsible Immigration Reform that would include the following steps:

1) Control the borders. This needs to be done first because no one believes that any route to the legalization of undocumented residents will do anything but increase the flow of even more illegal immigrants. We had amnesty under Regan in the 80′s, and this resulted in millions of additional illegal entries. No other country in the world allows people to enter as easily as we do. Control the borders!

2) Simplify the process for legal immigration. Our nation has been greatly blessed as the brightest, most ambitious and entreprenurial people from all over the world have been drawn to the liberty and freedoms of this wonderful country. We have ample land and opportunity to enable this pattern to continue throughout the 21st century!

3) Focus deportations on those who have shown themselves to be unlawful or disloyal to the United States. Those who have lived quiet lives, worked hard and raised their families, should certainly have a way to become legal residents. Those who break the law, advocate greater loyalty for their nation of orgin than they do for the United States, or have only been here for a short time should be sent home.

4) Vigorously enforce the existing employment laws and fully implement E-Verify.

We are a nation of immigrants and I enthusiastically advocate and will fight for easier and increased legal immigration!

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